18 December 2011 Red Hill south

Map: Canberra 1:25000

Getting There

This walk was organised and led by Terence U as a CBC walk:

Sunday 18 December - Red Hill south - M/E. Early start and off the track by the middle of the day. Leader: Terence U. Map: Canberra. Transport: Drive yourself.

4 of us met at the appointed time and place.


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Track map: thumbnail is active
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Another mild spring morning, nearly a third of the way into summer, in this unseasonal weather. Just very pleasant for walking.

A circumnavigation of the Federal Golf Course and a figure of eight arounf Red Hill south. Lucky the Davidson trig is of the quadruped variety - a seat for each of us for morning tea. A great sticky into the back of some lovely houses.

In addition, this was the first opportunity to try the Bit Map app on my iPhone 4S. The ~2hrs 30mins of phone/recording use took the battery from 100% to 78%. Quite pleasing results:

Bit Map App in iPhone 4S screen shot
Loaded map is NSW LPI TopoView 2006 Canberra 1:25000
Map segment from OziExplorer
Loaded map is NSW LPI TopoView 2006 Canberra 1:25000
Garmin Oregon 550 GPS screen shot
Loaded map is OZtopov3.0

And here's a kmz file of the 2 tracks - 2011 12 18 Red Hill south Bit Map and Garmin.kmz The yellow track is from Bit Map, consisting of 226 points set every 50m. The blue track is from the Garmin Oregon GPS, consisting of 913 track points set automatically (track points are turned off in the kml file).

What's the advantage, you might ask. Not much in town, where an iPhone GPS tracking app over Google Maps would do a good job. But there isn't much detail on Google Maps out in the bush.

My thoughts on and use of Bit Map here.

Thanks Terence U, and Virginia B and Bob L.

Distance: 9.8km Climb: 300m. Time: 7.30 - 10.10am (2hrs 40mins), with 20mins of breaks.
Grading: M/E; E(7)

KMZ file for Google Earth/Maps: Red Hill south

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