20 December 2011 Googong Canoe Trip

Maps: Googong Foreshores; Hoskinstown and Captains Flat

Getting There

This 'walk' was organised and led by Mike B as a CBC Tuesday event:

Tuesday 20 December 2011 - Googong Canoe Trip. Launch from Tin Hut Inlet at southern end, paddle up Burra Creek to London Bridge and up Queanbeyan River to Compo Canyon. Paddle distance is about 10 km but the canoes will need to be carried about 500m from the carpark to the water. Swimming is not allowed except to avoid drowning. BYO canoe or kayak and bring a trolley if you have one. Map: Googong Foreshores, Leader: Mike B. Transport: ~$16 per car.

5 paddlers, 4 boats, 2 cars, 1 trailer and a partridge in a pear tree. We drove to Tin Hut car park, a mile (seemingly) away from the water.


You can access all photographs here.


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We carried/trollied the boats down to the nearest arm of the dam.

Paddled down the creek, south up the Queanbeyan River and then continued S up Burra Creek. A massive flock of waterbirds roosted in the trees as we passed by - 1 left by the time I'd got my camera out of 2 waterproof bags.

On up Burra Creek to within 50m of London Bridge arch. We walked to within 10m and admired it. A first for me approaching like this.

Then back down Burra Creek and right up the Queanbeyan River into the beginning of Compo Canyon, as far as was navigable. Morning tea here.

Back to near the launch point, poked up a couple of inlets and so back to dry land.

As always for a paddle, indebted to Mike B and Max S for hardware and transport. Stephen M is a great engine room in the double and Karen C ... is Karen ... (as well as a great paddler).

Distance: 10km Climb:5m? Time: 8.55am - 12noon (call it 3hrs), including launch (but not lunch), walking, gawking and morning tea.
Grading: M

KMZ file for Google Earth/Maps: Googong Dam paddle

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