24 March 2012 Honeysuckle, Booroomba, Bushfold and Mt Tennent

Dam, source of Georges Creek, on the AAWT at the S end of Bushfold Flats

Maps: Corin Dam and Williamsdale 1:25000

Getting There

This walk was organised and led by me as a CBC walk:

Saturday 24 March - Honeysuckle, Booroomba, Bushfold and Mt Tennent - L/E-M. I need a GPS track of the AAWT from Booroomba to Bushfold Flats. Here's the chance to get it and wander around a bit more. All on track, except off the side of Mt Tennent. Around 27km and 1100m climb. For quick-ish walkers. Maps: Corin Dam and Williamsdale. Leader: John Evans - jevans@pcug.org.au, 0417 436 877. Transport: ~$8 per person.

4 of us met and drove to the Honeysuckle Creek camping ground.

Further Information

There are some great walks on this Saturday. Quentin M is doing Booroomba Rocks from Honeysuckle (see current CBC it) and Austin K and Edwina Y are doing the Corn Trail (Short-notice walk). If they are booked out, or you'd like to stroll a bit further, join me on this short-notice walk.


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Sunny, but cool at the start. A few happy campers at the Honeysuckle Creek camping ground. We wandered in to the Booroomba Rocks car park, where one of our party chose not to pop up to the cliff. The rest of us did, stopping briefly at the seat so we could regroup. Nice views, as always, from the cliff. There was another walker up on SH1353. Back down to the car park.

We were 4 again and trundled down the AAWT to Bushfold Flats. The bush is green and well watered. The AAWT goes round the dam from which Georges Creek rises. Onto the Bushfold Flats S-N track and up to the fence and gate, via Duncan McKeahnie's 1884 hut site, for morning tea.

Away again, a pause at Read's 1-stand shearing shed site, then along the AAWT as it sidles up to the Tennent ridge. We regrouped at the T-intersection and discussed further options.

We all went on to join the Mt Tennent fire trail near Tongs sheepyard site, where one of our party chose to have a spell whilst the other 3 of us belted up to Mt Tennent. Several parties about - we saw 8 other walkers in this area and 3 in the afternoon returning up to Booroomba Rocks car park. Nice views from the Mt Tennent fire tower.

Back down we again regrouped and had lunch on the grass just at the junction of the Mt Tennent footpad and the Mt Tennent fire trail.

After lunch we headed down the fire trail for 750m to a convenient kink. Here a member of our party left us and walk out the Mt Tennent fire trail to Apollo Rd. The remaining 3 of us headed down through the bush to Bushfolds Flat - a surprisingly open descent on a series of animal pads/footpads. From here we continued at a brisk pace, covering the bit over 8km + ~300m climb back to the car in a little under 2hrs. The reason? Well, it's the good Lord who sorts the quick from the dead, but I tell you, with Keith Thomas on your heals, you are quick!

A nice day for a stroll. Thanks Chris F, Mike M and Keith T for your company.

Distance: 27km Climb: 1000m. Time: 8.10am - 3.30pm (7hrs 20mins), with 30mins of breaks.
Grading: L/E-M; H(14)

KMZ file for Google Earth/Maps: Honeysuckle, Booroomba, Bushfold and Mt Tennent

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