20 November 2012 Breakfast Creek Ridges & Tors

Map: Yaouk 1:25000

Getting There

This walk was organised and led by Ian W as an irregular CBC Tuesday walk:

Tuesday 20 November - Breakfast Creek Ridges & Tors - L/R. From the Yankee Hat carpark in Namadgi we will walk southwest for  a few kilometres on tracks, then follow a meandering route off track for the day, linking together granite features on ridges above Breakfast Creek. A recent reconnaissance indicates that after the initial 400 metre scrubby ascent to 1400 metres altitude, the scrub is easier going. The main feature of the day is a soaring cluster of tors overlooking Naas Creek at Yaouk 738 371. We head for home, via a small swamp at the head of Breakfast Creek, then follow a ridge east to intersect the Old Boboyan Road near Hospital Creek Hut. About 20 km (includes 8 km of tracks) with approx. 550 m of ascent. Map: Yaouk  Leader: Ian W. Limit: 8.Transport: Approx. 100 km return.

7 of us met around Canberra, RV-ed at the Namadgi Visitors Centre and drove to the Yankee Hat car park.

Further Information

Probably similar to 9 Mar 10.

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Walk - Track Notes

Once again I dips me lid to Ian! Great trip! Lesson learned for me - walk with a different walk leader, even in the same area. They have different perspectives and different things to see. The area that we covered around 10-10.30am (from the waypoint 'Granite blocks begin' to 'Leaving the blocks'), perhaps even a little further to our morning tea slab, would make an excellent Wednesday walk or club weekend day walk. Hat's off to Ian for his GE research and trip planning.

We wandered in to Frank and Jacks hut, were one of our number based himself for the day. Easy walking cross country and some old fire trail to cross the tongue of timbered country that pokes out, then so to the corner fencing SW of F&Js hut. A leisurely 4.9km in 1hr 10mins.

From there, 1.3km climbing nearly 300 vertical metres in 40mins through relatively open shrub to Ian's first GE researched area. Arrived around 10am.

A great area of several series of granite blocks. We took our time wandering around and through and on them. Lovely going in places, with the ground grass covered and the spring flowers out. Left around 10.30am.

The next treat was an open, low granite slab at around GR 74911-37188 (MGA94) on the Yaouk 1:25000 topographic map. Arriving at 10.45am, a late morning tea was called. (Telstra mobile phone service available). Great views - see video 1.

Leaving morning tea via park-like going, we ended up SW on a second low granite slab with further huge views to Mt Gudgenby. Then SE to SH1468 (marked by a small, unnatural pile of rocks.

Then W-ish through a saddle to the day's main objective, the 1440+m tors overlooking the head of the Naas Creek cleared valley. I'd been here before on 9 Mar 10 and we crawled the same crawl. But I'd not climbed to the top of the tors, not explored the internal cave. That's what I mean by same area, but different leader with different goals - great fun.

At last scrambling down out of the granite, we headed S (it seemed like we were descending to the open valley floor!) to find lunch on the 1400m contour.

Nearly all over bar the shouting, after munchies Ian took us E, as promised, to the top of Breakfast Creek. Delightful open country nearby with beautiful grassed forest floor.

Then E along the ridge N of Breakfast Creek, through SH1405 and SH1394. The bush a little dryer and, in places, the scrub a little denser up on the ridge.

N-ish down off SH1394, then a nice turn to the NE to squeeze between the top of two drainage lines onto a broad spur down to Hospital Creek hut. Nice navigation.

Afternoon tea at Hospital Creek Hut. A new tank there - I drank the water untreated and am still alive today.

A wander back along the Old Boboyan Rd to the cars.

Thanks Ian, another incredibly interesting walk. And thanks for the company from Peter C and Linda G, Eric G and Jenny H. And to Eric P for coming out with us.

Distance: 20.0km Climb: 600m. Time:
Grading: L/R; H(12)

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