9 January 2013 A repeat of - Tim the Yowie Man’s Majura Stone Walls

A repeat of Tim the Yowie Man's Majura Stone Walls

Map: Hall 1:25000

Getting There

This walk was organised and led by me as a CBC evening ramble:

Wednesday evening 9 January: A repeat of - Tim the Yowie Man’s Majura Stone Walls – S/E-M. Tim the Yowie Man has a large following via the Canberra Times and ABC666 radio. He often gives CBC a plug. 18 members of the public and 4 CBC walkers joined him on the flanks of Mt Majura on 19 Dec, visiting stone walls and other sites. With a waiting list, we’ll go back on 9 January. Tim the Yowie Man, Canberra’s very own cryptonaturalist and environmentalist, reported on stone walls on the flanks of Mt Majura in his Canberra Times feature on 17 November. Have you seen them? Let’s take a peak, accompanied by TYM to provide the patter. We will also visit Canberra’s secret tree house hidden amongst the Kurrajongs near the top of the wall - and the horse course. Around 4km and 200m climb. Map: Hall. Leader: John Evans - john@johnevans.id.au, 0417 436 877. Transport: Drive yourself to park at the gate into the Mt Majura Nature Reserve on the northern end of Antill St Watson, opposite the caravan park, by 6pm.

21 of us gathered on a mercifully cooler evening between days of extreme heat.

Further Information

Welcome to all the Tim the Yowie Man friends. Hopefully there'll be a few CBC walkers as well.

Don't forget to wear closed-toed shoes, bring a little water, perhaps a snack (all in a small back pack to leave your hands free) and wear appropriate clothing (probably a hat and sunscreen - check the weather forecast closer to the day). Snakes are about, so watch where you put your foot. Parts of the walk are a little slippery/rocky.

Meet at 6pm. All over by 8pm at the latest.

All walkers need to sign an acknowledgment of Risks and Obligations form at the meeting point, prior to the start of the walk. If you'd like to, you can preview it here.

A repeat of 19 Dec 12.

Check out Tim the Yowie Man's blog at http://www.canberratimes.com.au/travel/blogs/yowie-man/the-great-wall-of-watson-20121116-29h6l.html for a preview.

Walk - Photographs

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Walk - Track Notes

Another pleasant ramble. Conjecture that the first stones might just be piled, cleared rocks from the horse jumping area, as a stone jump would be too dangerous. David LaP believes that the 1976 Australian Olympic equestrian team may have trained there. Geoff McV showed us a couple of holes, obviously constructed, near the blaze tree. As Tim is wont to say ... a mystery. The tree house appears to have been partially dismantled. Renovations?

Special thanks to Tim the Yowie Man for facilitating the walk and drawing the crowd. And to Gerald D who willingly minded the tail.

Thanks to 8 CBC members (Carol A, Gerald D, Lyn F, Justin F, David LaP, Lynne McV, Ann V) and 13 members of the public (Elizabeth B, Peter B, Jillian B, Romy C, Cathy F, Samantha H, Jana J, Geoff McV, Mark O’N, Ben R, Natalie S, Paul W, Tim the Yowie Man) who enjoyed this little stroll.

Distance: 4km Climb: 200m. Time: 6.10 - 8.10pm
Grading: S/E-M; E(5)

PS. 14 months later, TYM sleuths the good oil on the tree house. See http://www.canberratimes.com.au/travel/blogs/yowie-man/mysterious-majura-20140328-35ne2.html and here is a snip of it.

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