29 January 2013 Bogong Creek Falls

Bogong Creek Falls

Map: Yaouk 1:25000

Getting There

This walk was organised and led by me as an irregular CBC Tuesday walk:

Tuesday 29 January: Bogong Creek Falls - L/R. From the Yankee Hat car park, follow fire trails to where Bogong Creek leaves the tree line. Follow the creek upstream, between Yankee Hat South and Mt Gudgenby with great views to these features, for 4km to the falls. A pretty spot and the trip is a useful recce to sus out the going to ‘The Fortress’ (the 1730+m feature to the West). Return the same way. Around 16km and 550m climb. Map: Yaouk. Leader: John Evans - john@johnevans.id.au, 0417 436 877. Transport: ~$12 per person.

7 of us drove in 2 cars to the Yankee Hat car park.

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Walk - Track Notes

Light drizzle as we drove out. With the car back from the second roo hit in a year, it was a slower trip. As Ian put it, 'I've lost my nerve!' Overcast and coats on as we set off.

An easy fire trail tromp to our turn-off point after crossing the Bogong Creek causeway. Spotted a black dog who was not that perturbed by us (I think I've seen it before - a dumped town dog?). 3.2km in 35mins. Then 400m along on old trail through grasses to the tree line.

From here, a wet trip up to the falls, wet from the water-soaked bush. Open forest and animal pads, with only the occasional patch of head-high pea regrowth, made for better than expected going on the NE (true left) bank of Bogong Creek. A brief 5min morning tea, as we were a bit wet and cold.

At the waypoint marked 'Began track back', one of the party realised that he'd lost his GPS. We agreed to press on to the Falls and look for it from this point on our return trip.

I got a bit too close to the creek with about 600m to go, crossed then recrossed it at a bend, and wasted a bit of time in the tight scrub by the creek. With the Falls in view at about 150m to go, we climbed up out from the creek to get to the top of the falls. Not substantial, yet not insignificant, a bit taller than I remembered from 2 Dec 08. 4.5km in 2 hours.

35mins for brunch, a chance to take off wet clothes and dry a bit.

No views, as the tops were clouded. Matthew has since provided that the 1700+m feature was christened 'Mt Mouat' on his 1996 border survey, in honour of Harry who did some leg work in that area. (I've gotten 'The Fortress' from BBC; I think 'Mt Mouat' is better.)

A better, higher line to start us back and generally kept a bit higher. The bush was a bit dryer. 1.4km in 40mins back to the 'Began track back' point.

Even though we knew it would be like looking for a very small needle in a huge haystack, we decided to follow our morning track back as closely as possible (using our GPSs) and look for the lost item. I tried real hard, spotting a yabbie out walking and three snakes (copperheads, so Matthew thought - yes, confirmed from his snake book; but they're all just black snakes to me). A slow trip, covering 3.3km in 1hr 40mins. We were very fortunate to find the GPS.

Out of the bush, my concentration lapsed and we returned via Frank and Jacks Hut.

A nice destination, worth another trip on the way to 'Mt Mouat' (on a better day).

Thanks to Eric G, Matthew H, Kim H, Stephen M, Brian S, Ian W.

Distance: 17.9km Climb: 300m. Time: 8.20am - 3.00pm (6hrs 40mins), with 40mins of breaks.
Grading: L/M-R; M(11)

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