5 February 2013 Naas Creek and Gorge

Would you walk with this woman doing a monkey act in Naas Creek gorge?

Map: Colinton 1:25000

Getting There

This walk was organised and led by Linda G as an irregular CBC Tuesday walk:

Tuesday 5 February: Naas Creek and Gorge - L/R. From the car park near the Mt Clear Campground follow the fire trail for 1 km, cross Naas Creek at a leapable point, then northwards through park-like country interspersed with scrubby patches to the saddle at 834E, 305 N; descend the pleasant Shanahans Falls Creek (which seems to have no falls, unless you count stumbles over tussocky grass) to its junction with Naas Creek; up Naas Creek for approx 2km through a scenic gorge which requires rock scrambling then back along the fire trail. About 18 km with approx 200 metres climb and descent, and several opportunities to dip into creeks if the weather is hot. Map: Colinton. Leader: Linda G. Transport: $56 per car. Limit: 12.

8 of us drove in 2 vehicles to the Mt Clear car park.

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Walk - Track Notes

Linda (and Peter) put on great walks, well researched, recce-d and described. Today's was just that, with a wonderful variety of going.

'Leapable' was apt where we crossed Naas Creek, rather than via the boring ford. 'Park-like' was also appropriate for the lovely leg after we bend away from the creek and headed towards the saddle. I've not come in this way before (previously down from Shanahans Mountain). Even the scrubby patches were not too bad.

Near the saddle we paused and Matthew recounted the use of 'Musslewood' - Black Sallee (Eucalyptus stellulata). Fashioned into small oval shapes which were attached to calves via their nostrils, this technique was used to effectively wean calves (not sure if the RSPCA would approve these days!).

Then down to break out onto Shanahans Falls Creek and find morning tea. Matthew told us the derivation of the name and kindly allowed me to publish the sound bite. Do listen to it.

Always a pleasant stroll down the grasses of the Creek. Perhaps the 'falls' of Shanahans Falls Creek is the rocky cascade in the last 100m or so before the confluence with Naas Creek. A lovely spot here.

From the confluence (where Shanahans Falls Creek and Naas Creek join to form the Naas River), we rock-hopped a couple of hundred metres up Naas Creek to find a shaded overhang above a pool for lunch.

Plenty of 'fools gold' in the creek as we continued upstream. At the gorge, our leader disgraced herself down below and I was fortunate enough to record the incident. I've not previously been up this far up the creek to this gorge.

Naas Creek flattened a bit above the gorge. Someone - was it me? - convinced our leader to take the wrong side creek, but we eventually ended up at Demandering Hut.

A brief pause. On out the footpad, over the little bridge put in in memory of Eddy Cheetham.

A plod back south along the Naas Valley Fire Trail, with another brief pause at the two hut sites.

Plenty of lightening and rolling thunder as we neared the cars, but we beat the precipitation.

Thanks to Linda G for a great round. And to Peter C, Rene D, Eric G, Matthew H, Stewart J and Ian W for company.

Distance: 17.2km Climb: 300m. Time: 8.50am - 3.00pm (6hrs 10mins), with 1 hour of breaks.
Grading: L/R; M(10)

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