6 February 2013 Border Markers in the Kowen Forest East of Queanbeyan


Map: Bungendore 1:25000

Walk Description

This walk was organised and led by me as a private walk:

Wednesday 6 February: Border Markers in the Kowen Forest East of Queanbeyan - M/E,X. Hunt border markers on the railway line at the edge of the Kowen Pine Forest East of Queanbeyan. Around 12km and 200m climb. Map: Bungendore.

Further Information

Another lone and private effort to preserve friendships.

Track Maps

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Track Notes

The most exciting thing on this wander was the train going by - twice.

From an entry off the new part of the Kings Highway, fire trails through Kowen Pine Forest to the railway line. The border runs along the ACT side of the rail easement (so that the railway line is in NSW). The rail line maintenace track, the easement fence and close by fibre optic cable works have obliterated just about all the markers.

First went East. No R9; possible Q9 - I had a good look in the blackberries; no P9, O9, N9, M9, L9, 41 Mile, K9, J9, I9, H9, G9, F9, E9; possible 40 Mile; no D9, C9, B9, A9. Continued on to the location of Z8.

About turned and wandered back to where I gained the rail line and continued West. No S9, T9, U9, 42 Mile, W9; X9 was a definite peg in a paddock around 20m in from the easement fence (why did they mark off these little sections?); no Y9, Z9.

Walked the railway line (keeping a keen lookout!) under the Kings Highway and continued on to the locations of A10 and B10.

Returned to the forest, a quick lunch, then back to the car.


Distance: 12.5km Climb: 200m. Time: 9.30am - 12.40pm (3hrs 10 mins), with 10mins of breaks.

Grading: M/E,X; E(7)

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