9 March 2013 Border Markers on the Clear Range from the East

Wedge-tailed eagle near U32

Maps: Michelago and Colinton 1:25000

Walk Description

This walk was organised and led by me as a CBC walk:

Saturday 9 March: Border Markers on the Clear Range from the East - L/R,X. With permission from the land owner, ford the Murrumbidgee River and climb via fire trail to the crest of the Clear Range. Hunt border markers to the South through SH1192 and SH1214, near SH1192 and SH1215, and through SH1214. 7km of off-track walking through who knows what. Return via the Clear Range Fire Trail. Around 24km and 1100m climb. For fit and fast walkers. Maps: Michelago and Colinton. Limit: 8. Leader: John Evans - john@johnevans.id.au, 0417 436 877. Transport: ~$12 per person.

3 of us drove from Canberra via Michelago, picked up a gate key, then via Mt Livingstone Rd, Lawler Rd, 2nd right and a slow trip down the goat track in my poor old pretend SUV to park within 50m of the Murrumbidgee River ford.

Further Information

From the Murrumbidgee River ford, it's 5.6km and 360m climb to the crest. From the finish of hunting, it's 11.1km back on fire trail. This will be a big day.

An exit, if we need it because time is slipping away, would be to do 3.2km of the border and return down the Clear Range fire trail from the point where we first cross it.

Bring a head torch.

Track Maps

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Track overview

Track 1

Track 2


Track Notes

A most successful day, joining up the S extent of 14 Feb 12 and the N extent of 5 Jul 11. So only one more trip to finish the Clear Range (a ride from Mt Clear camp ground in to Horse Gully Hut, up the Left Hand Creek Fire Trail, drop bikes, walk the Upper Left Hand Creek FT to the crest and hunt markers to the N).

Today we found 39 border markers (X31 not found 14 Feb 12 but it was sitting pretty today, Y31, Z31, A32, B32, C32, D32, E32, F32, G32, H32, I32, J32, K32, L32, M32, N32, O32, P32, Q32, R32, S32, U32, V32, W32, X32, Y32, Z32, A33, B33, C33, D33, E33, F33, H33, I33, J33, K33, M33 also previously seen 5 Jul 11), 4 Mile markers (88M also previously seen 14 Feb 12, 89M, 90M, 91M) and 1 possible blaze (C32 badly overgrown and burnt). We visited the locations of a further 3 border markers (T32, G33 and L33 all slap in the middle of the Clear Range Fire Trail) and 1 Mile marker (92M also not previously see on 5 Jul 11), but could not identify them.

A slow journey down the (just drivable in my car) track from Lawler Rd to near the Murrumbidgee River. Wise to stop and walk the last 50m. A less than knee deep wade across the river, but the big river stones were slippery and the water was flowing quickly, so we linked arms.

4.2km in just under an hour on the fire trail to near the huts at Naas Forest Demandering Run, the Cotter's huts. We didn't go in or poke about, as they are private property. A further 1.4km in 20mins on fire trail to the border on the crest of the Clear Range. Here we visited the 88 Mile marker, the second most southern marker seen on our 14 Feb 12 trip. Turning S, we found X31, which I had not been able to spot on 14 Feb 12.

An excellent run along the crest, in terms of markers found. 100% success, except for the 3 located in the middle of the Clear Range Fire Trail and the 92 Mile marker which we had also not located on 5 Jul 11.

Most markers were galvanised iron pipes; a few were bolts. All were covered by fairly nondescript cairns or lockspits. We were able to carefully dismantle the cairn at V32 and see the Iron Bolt, set in cement with an arrow etched in the cement. Naturally, we restored the site to its original condition. There was a possible blaze at C32, overgrown and burnt. No lettering could be seen, but it certainly faced the border corner at the centre of the C32 lockspit.

The going on the crest is mostly dry and scrubby, varying from medium density to a couple of tight patches. Just S of morning tea, between K32 and L32, is a lovely extent of cleared, grassy going. Much evidence of horses - Cas L had told me that folk sometimes ride up here. A vague footpad/perhaps horse track extends down to the Clear Range FT.

A lovely treat near U32. A wedge-tailed eagle circled close overhead for some time and even this half-blind snapper with an iPhone got a couple of pics which I made into a collage. At another point a lyrebird ran across our front and Cynthia spotted two goannas.

The border marker hunting on the crest, from 88 Mile marker in the N to M33 in the S, was 7.8km taking 3hrs 50mins (taking out morning tea and lunch breaks). This was obviously a lot speedier that I'd allowed, but that's an eXploratory walk.

Our return down the Clear Range Fire Trail was 11.6km, taking 2hrs 50mins (including our wade back across the Murrumbidgee River).


Distance: 25.6km Climb: 1000m. Time: 7.25am - 4.25pm (9 hours), with 40mins of breaks.

Grading: L/M-R,WX; H(14)

You can see the parts of the border I've covered to date here. And the border markers in this area are listed here.

Walk Participants

3 walkers - Cynthia C, Ian W, me.

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