2 April 2013 Border Markers East of Queanbeyan on the rail line


Rail line and tunnels East of Queanbeyan

Map: Bungendore 1:25000

Walk Description

This walk was organised, led and not enjoyed by me as a private walk:

Tuesday 2 April: Border Markers East of Queanbeyan on the rail line - S/E-M,X.

I drove through Queanbeyan and parked off the Kings Highway at the next dirt track left after Weetalabah Drive.

Further Information

I'm going to finish the ACT border in 2013, even if parts of it bore me to death. But this was a walk that you wouldn't even take your worst enemy on!

Track Map

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Track Notes

A pretty unproductive search. Maybe found 4 markers - X11, S11, Tunnel and Z10. Like much of the rail line in this area, the ACT side of the rail easement (where the border is located so that the track is in NSW) is very disturbed by fencing, maintenance roads and fibre optic cable. Visited the location of (but could not identify anything) W11, Q11, R11, P11, N11, M11, L11, K11, J11, I11, H11, G11, F11, E11, 44 Mile, D11, C11, B11, A11, Y10, X10, W10, V10, U10, T10, S10, R10, Q10, P10, O10, M10, N10, L10, K10, J10, 43 Mile, I10, H10, G10, F10; Y11, Z11, 45 Mile, A12, B12, C12, D12, E12, F12, G12.

After parking just off the Kings Highway, I walked to the railway line and went East. Ended up at the back of a private residence at Burbong and didn't want to go any further. So I'll have a gap to fill in and will have to try Palerang Shire Council (the houses are just out of the Queanbeyan local government area) to get contact details.

Returned to the start and went West for a while, ending up near the second tunnel at the back of Weetalabah Drive. Spoke to a track maintenance guy who gave me the nod to walk back along the maintenance track to my car. Had to give up, as Gay had a doctors appointment.

Drove in Burbong Avenue to try to find contacts. All I saw was 'This drive is NOT a public road'.


Distance: 9.2km Climb: 170m. Time: 7.35 - 10.40am (3hrs 5 mins), with no breaks.

Grading: S/E-M,X; E(6)

Walk Participants

1 walker - me.

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