14 May 2013 Border Markers NE off Pabral Rd through Coree Creek

Mt Coree and Devils Peak over Coree Creek

Map: Cotter Dam 1:25000

Walk Description

This walk was organised and led by me as an irregular CBC Tuesday walk:

Tuesday 14 May: Border Markers NE off Pabral Rd through Coree Creek - M/R,X. Walk Pabral Rd to the border. Turn NE and hunt border markers down through Coree Creek and up to Blue Ridge and Genges Trail. I'd suspect the bush will be very thick. Visit the Mt Blundell adit and pits. Return S via Mt Blundell and an unmarked fire trail SW down a spur. Around 10km and 550m climb. Map: Cotter Dam. Limit: 12. Leader: John Evans - john@johnevans.id.au, 0417 436 877. Transport: ~$6 per person.

6 of us drove from Canberra via Brindabella Rd and down Curries Rd. We were able to drive in further along Pabral Rd to the edge of the native forest, just before the road begins to climb.

Further Information

Last visit to the adit and use of unmarked spur fire trail was 26 Aug 08. The fire trail is marked on the newer Cotter Dam Ozraster digital map.

Track Map

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Track Notes

It was a ruff walk - 3 knocked heads and 1 twisted knee. Plus I lost my (thank goodness just magnifiers) glasses. The bush was pretty tight going down through Coree Creek and up the other side too.

But pretty successful border marker hunting, finding 9855.93 (seen before), 10917.27, an Extra border marker, 12000 Gas Pipe covered by Cairn - 12010, 12735.39, 13518.04, 16000 Two Mile CB - 16010, 17614.74, 18576.56, 19440.6, 20205 Gas Pipe covered by Cairn - 20215, 21023.2, 21954.46 Connection to catchment (B2215) and 23210.28 (seen before). We visited the locations of, but could not find, 11411.74, 14753.8 and 16827.01.

This is the penultimate, penultimate walk on the ACT straight line border. The next is scheduled for 2 Jul 13.

Anyway, today we wandered up Pabral Rd and turned up into the bush to BM 9855.93, just a few metres away from the road. We'd been to this before, the NE extent of 4 Dec 12. Settling into our rhythm, we bashed up through very tight regrowth to find 10917.27 and not find 11411.74. The slightly easier going on the crest of the ridge did not last for long and we began the plunge down towards Coree Creek.

We found an extra border marker, 5m long and with a new post. So it was part of the last re-survey - wonder why Alex P didn't give me that location? We found the 12000 Gas Pipe covered by Cairn - 12010 pair, 12735.39 and 13518.04.

We then crossed a feeder drainage line to Coree Creek and followed it for a little way down along the line of the border. Arriving at a the bottom of a huge rock spine, I made the wrong call to go round it to the top, as the way appeared barred at the bottom in the creek line. We found out how far and high the rocky spine extended and I lost my glasses on the bash up via the vegetation cracks. The only way I could attempt to hide my embarrassment was to call morning tea when we eventually reached the exposed top.

An indication of the slow going is given by the leg from the extra marker to morning tea - 45mins to do 800m.

It was a slow descent back to the border line. We could not find 14753.8. We continued to bash down to Coree Creek. I had some hedge clippers with me and got them out for the blackberries. But only 2 snips required and we were on the dry, stony creek bed.

Now began the 400m climb out of Coree Creek to Blue Range Rd. We found the pair 16000 Two Mile CB - 16010, could not find 16827.01. Then on a good roll found 17614.74, 18576.56, 19440.6 and the pair 20205 Gas Pipe covered by Cairn - 20215 before we turned off to the pits and adit.

You'll find reference to the mine via: Information on the area can be searched at the DIGS database, NSW Dept of Primary Industries, Minerals, Geological Survey of NSW, http://digsopen.minerals.nsw.gov.au/, Search DIGS, search with Location = Canberra, open report Metallogenic (R00050805), preview Text p92-111 sheets 81-100 and go to sheet 90. It gives a GR for the Mt Blundell site, but on an old 1:25000 ACT map in ANG (Australian National Grid).

This is what you'll see:

DIGS entry for Mt Blundell mine

We had an explore in the adit. It extends 43m.

Lunch out on the mullock heap. With the breeze springing up and in the dappled shade, it was cool and quick.

We came away from the adit via another pit which I'd not visited before. Of course, ever since losing my glasses I couldn't read my GPS. With Richard's help at lunch time, I'd set it to the next border marker location, so I bent up towards that. Ian and some of the others came away via the second pit I'd waypointed and sent to him prior to the walk. On such precision navigation walks it's always so handy to have Ian with his GPS loaded - he's saved my bacon on many occasions, including today.

We found 21023.2 and the going finally started to thin and the climb ease. Just shy of Blue Range Rd we found 21954.46 Connection to catchment (B2215). A quick trip through open going of 300m to 23210.28. We'd seen this before, the SW extent of 12 Mar 13.

With border marker hunting finished, we trundled a few hundred metres E to hit Genges Trail. Then generally S to the intersection with Blue Range Rd. From here the trail deteriorates. We continued S to the Mt Blundell area, then SW down the (steep in places) unmarked (on the Cotter Dam 1:25000 topo map, but marked on the Ozraster Cotter Dam digital map) track which descends 400m to the edge of Namadgi National Park. I have documented this track in my Namadgi Footpads page.

Then more down in a W-ish direction through ACT Forest territory. Much of the track is moguled to keep bikes out. Down to cross Coree Creek, then up through the moguls and red clay to the cars.

Not a bad little trip.


Distance: 11.3km Climb: 800m. Time: 7.50am - 2.40pm (6hrs 50 mins), with 1hr of breaks for morning tea and lunch, and looking in the adit.

Grading: M/R,X; H(13)

Walk Participants

6 walkers - Eric G, Stewart J, Richard M, Max S, Ian W, me.

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