3 June 2013 Mt Majura at night


David points us to the stars at Majura trig (photo courtesy Nathan H)

Map: Hall 1:25000

Walk Description

This walk was organised and led by David D as a CBC short-notice walk:

Monday evening 3 June: Mt Majura at night - S/E. A walk from the Hackett side (Antill St entrance) to the summit of Mt Majura (trig). We will set out at 7.00 pm and be back by 9.00 pm. A good 200m climb and a chance to see nocturnal animals. Approximately 4 km. Bring warm clothes and a good torch. Map: Hall. Leader: David D. Transport: please contact leader to discuss.

8 of us met at the appointed time and place.


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Track Map

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Track Notes

This was a great little walk and a huge concept! Let's hope David and others lead many similar walks. It could start a new fad, like the daylight savings after work walks, except night time strolls can be all year round! The secret is to just pick a wonderful night, weather wise.

We met as instructed, equipped with cold-mitigating gear and lights. It was cool as we gathered, but David's stout pace soon warmed us. Into the tree line, not a breath of wind.

We followed the neat (tree-fall lined) track, many thanks to the FOMM (Friends of Mt Majura). Some concrete and formed steps, but this was an urban fringe walk, and welcome at night.

A brief stop at the gully and a look up the rocky drainage line.

David certainly knows what he's doing, placing a small branch across the SE track at the junction, so that we didn't inadvertently follow it down that way on our return. The branch was removed when we returned.

A huff and puff up the spur to the top, although there was still plenty of talking.

Magnificent at the top! This is what these sorts of walks show off - city lights, star lights. David gave us an excellent guide around the major stars and constellations.

On the return we interrupted the promised nocturnal animals - the ubiquitous kangas.

Absolutely excellent. Beats the gas heating and TV hands down!


Distance: 5.2km Climb: 270m. Time: 7.00 - 8.35pm (1hr 35 mins), with a few minutes star gazing at the top.

Grading: S/E; E(4)

Walk Participants

8 walkers - Cynthia C, David D (leader), Roger E, Nathan H, Rohan H, David and Annmaree N, me.

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