20 July 2013 Bullen Range Trigs and Farrer's Grave


Showers on the Tidbinbilla Range from Miowera trig

Maps: Tidbinbilla and Tuggeranong 1:25000

Walk Description

This walk was organised and led by Cynthia C and me as a CBC walk:

Saturday 20 July: Bullen Range Trigs - M/E-M. Up to 16km, 500m climb spread over several ascents, mostly track, approx 6 hours walking. We will start from the Tidbinbilla Road at the locked gate just before Paddys River, and wend our way to Barnes trig (1). Then along the ridge firetrail to Brett trig (2) and possible views to the Tidbinbilla skyline, and to the east over the Murrumbidgee and Tuggeranong urban area. We will return along the firetrail, turn off-track to explore the Calvary pise ruins, then reconnect with a track for a short while, enter leasehold property for the approach to Miowera trig (3). Back to the cars through the Miowera pine forest. Maps: Tidbinbilla and Tuggeranong, co-leaders Cynthia C and John E, max 12 people, bookings to Cynthia.

13 of us gathered and drove to the entrance of the Paddys River Travelling Stock Route/Miowera Pines.

Further Information

Finishing early, we tacked on a stroll up to William Farrer's grave.

Track Maps

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Track overview Bullen Range Trigs and Farrers Grave

Track 1 Bullen Range Trigs

Track 2 Bullen Range Trigs

Track William Farrer's Grave

Track Notes

A showery, cool to cold day, but thankfully most of the showers hung around the Tidbinbilla Range. Most ably led by Cynthia C.

We wandered up the management track, then up the open spur to Barnes trig. 1.7km in 30mins.

Next, down and up along the crest of the Bullen Range to Brett trig. Lovely lyrebird calling near the trig. 4.2km in 1hr 15mins. We then retreated down into the lee of a nearby knoll for morning tea.

After morning tea we returned S down the crest, turned right down towards Calvary and, with assistance from Mike B, visited the small dam and the garden site at GR 8232-7704 (MGA94). 2.6km in 45mins. 200m further on, just near the homestead site, we inspected the old fruit tree, then on to Calvary.

Leaving the site, we followed the old fence line SW to the track, the track W-ish to the gate out of the NR and onto the 'Miowera' property (with the owner's permission). Then across open farmland and up to Miowera trig, arriving at 12.05pm. 1.9km in 37mins.

Cool breeze and showers drifting across from the Tidbinbilla Range, so we didn't stay too long. Nice views from N through S via the W.

Came off the trig to a cleared knoll, then down through the shrubbery and across into the tall trees of Miowera Pine Forest for some shelter for lunch.

After lunch, 4.2km in 1hr via fire trails and a couple of bits through the replanted pine trees back to the car at 2pm.

I'd brought the phone number of the 'Lambrigg' property with me. Gave a call and got the nod to walk up to William Farrer's grave, over the stile on the side of the Point Hut Crossing Road. A delightful and peaceful place. A little 1.7km stroll in 35mins.


Distance: 18.4km Climb: 580m. Time: 8.30am - 2.45pm (6hrs 15 mins), with 35mins of breaks and 10mins of driving.

Grading: L/E-M/M(11)

Walk Participants

13 walkers - Mike B, Cynthia C (co-leader), Jenni C, Nathan H, John J, Stephen and Lisa M, David and Annemaree N, Ian W, Tim and Gabrielle W, me (co-leader).

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