13 August 2013 Navigation Refresher #2



Walk Description

This event was organised and led by Jenny and Rob H as part of their CBC Navigation Course:

Tuesday 13 August: Navigation Refresher #2 - S/E. An evening review of the principles and practice of Dead Reckonning at and near the home of Jenny & Rob H.This is how to navigate at night, in thick scrub or in a blizzard without a GPS. Nav. Refr. #1 is not a prerequisite. Interested persons are requested to please book as soon as possible.

Track Notes

A practical exercise in dead reckoning. I redeemed myself from the error I made on 13 May 2004!


Distance: 3.0km Climb: 100m. Time: 8.00 - 9.10pm (1hr 10mins), with no stops.

Grading: S/E; E(5)

Walk Participants

7 participants - Cynthia Bu, Mark C, Doug G, Rob and Jenny H (leaders), Prue W, me.

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