22 August 2013 Trig Bagging by Bike - North Side


View SSE from Painter trig towards Woden

Map: Free bike route map available from bike shops.

Walk Description

This 'walk' was organised and led by Lorraine T as a CBC short-notice walk:

Thursday 22 August: Trig Bagging by Bike - North Side. As I am training for a 9-day bike ride in Queensland in early September I am combining a ride mainly on bike paths/routes with some Trig bagging. If you would like to join me you will need a bike and the usual bike clothing and safety equipment including a lock plus water and food (including lunch). The north side trigs I am planning to visit are taken from the list provided via the CBC web site. They are – Crace, Percival, Rogers, Goodwin and Painter. We will meet at the ACT Hockey Centre Parking area (UBD 49G2 or Yellow Pages 16F2) at 9.30 am Thursday 22 August. Maps: Free bike route map available from bike shops. Leader: Lorraine T

Track Map

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Track Notes

I was exercised to near death by these two very fit ladies. We seized the day, suffering only a few shower drops but cold wind. A great ride in the Gungahlin and Belconnen areas. You can see from the photos that I was trailing them all day. A civilised lunch in a cafe at Scullen shops. Very different to drive-by trig bagging!

All-in-all, a very pleasant day thank you Lorraine.


Distance: 54.6km = 4.5km walk (Crace 0.44km + Percival 2.29km + Rogers 0.30km + Goodwin 0.75km + Painter 0.76km) + 50.1km ride Climb: 650m. Time: 9.25am - 3.15pmpm (5hrs 50 mins), with 45mins of breaks.

Grading: M

Walk Participants

3 riders - Jean D, Lorraine T (leader), me.

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