8 October 2013 Mt Gudgenby


Gudgenby trig - Descending the Mt Gudgenby slabs

Map: Yaouk 1:25000

Walk Description

This walk was organised and led by Linda G as an irregular CBC Tuesday walk:

Tuesday 8 October: Mt Gudgenby - L/R. A classic walk with great views. From the Gudgenby car park along the valley to the saddle before Naas Creek, then up to Mt Gudgenby, which happens to have a trig on it. About 18 km and 800 metres climb, with some very thick scrub and some granite scrambling. Map: Yaouk. Leader: Linda G. Transport: ~ $40 per car. Limit: 10.

6 of us drove from Canberra in 2 vehicles to the Yankee Hat car park.

Track Map

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(OK. Of course it's not Tantangera, as mentioned in the description, it's the Yaouk valley)

Track Notes

I arrived on Mt Gudgenby on my hands and knees, with my nose 2cm from our leader's boots (let me explain - to get to the top you either shimmy up a dead tree branch or worm up through a cave-slot; and she does wear Volleys). I felt like fawning, except it's unbecoming to both parties. Instead, I offered my congratulations as it was the easiest ascent of Gudgenby that I've been on (all relative of course - don't try this one unless you know what you're doing).

We began with a jaunt in along the fire trails and up the footpad to the saddle. 6.9km in 1hr 40mins, climbing 300m (sad to tell you, Ms leader, that Keith, Ron and I did the same leg 4mins quicker with overnight bags in July). Morning tea.

Next, that fabulous climb to the top. You just right turn and climb. I've been up on 3 previous occasions and no other route has been so clean and (relatively) easy. Timbered country a lot of the way with only mild scrub, a narrow belt of thick scrub below the granite, then the granite slabs and the last final crawl to the top. Super route finding. The ascent from the saddle was 1.7km, climbing 430m and took only 1hr 15mins. We were on the top by 11.45am!

No words do this place and the view justice. Have a look at the video and the photos. 360° magic. Our presidential party contacted the secretariat party over on Mt Clear, where they were having lunch.

Ian wanted to visit the rock stack to the N and, on arrival, Barrie delighted us with a trip through the slot in it, open to the sky. Not quite as high as Split Rock, but a longer passage with more zigs and zags.

Not content that my objective of bagging Gudgenby had been achieved, our intrepid leader decided to take us home a different way. We came off the top to the East, down more impressive slabs than we came up, then descended the 670m down to Bogong Creek. There was a bit of tight scrub but, again, this route was eminently (relatively) easy. The leg was 2.4km taking 1hr 50mins. We were rewarded with a long afternoon tea and I'm sure I had a ziz.

A trot back to the cars.

This is a classic Namadgi trip. Absolutely huge route finding from a leader who, I'm sure, was born with boots on.


Distance: 17.0km Climb: 850m. Time: 8.25am - 4.15pm (7hrs 50 mins), with 1hr 20mins of breaks.

Grading: L/R; H(14)

Walk Participants

6 walkers - Peter C, Linda G (leader), Barrie R, John T, Ian W, me.

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