20 October 2013 Gooromon Ponds to the Murrumbidgee


Signage - Marker 89040.14 - Murrumbidgee River at the border - Team SES on the west bank

Maps: Hall and Umburra 1:25000

Walk Description

This walk was organised and led by David McG as part of the SES ACT border walk:

Sunday 20 October: Gooromon Ponds to the Murrumbidgee - M/M (for me). Join the SES ACT border team to walk the last ~5km of the straight line to the Murrumbidgee River.

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Track Notes

An opportunity too good to miss! I've been following the epic adventures of a team of SES members following the ACT border on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ACTBorderTrek and saw that they were doing the straight line, including a bit I'd yet to do from Jarramlee Rd to the Murrumbidgee River. "Ask and you shall receive" said the good Lord (although I don't think He was talking about bush walking), so I did and gratefully received.

I drove through new MacGregor and out the Jarramlee Rd to the border and wandered NE to meet them. I squatted near the Kooringal fence at two border markers I saw on 2 Feb 13 (must re-check the digitised field note books to see what they are) and took the opportunity to chat with a good mate in Adelaide whilst I waited. A couple of phone calls later, team SES arrived - David, Linda, Karen and Stephen. It's always great to meet people you've social media communicated with.

Back SW to my car and onwards.

Not too productive from Jarramlee Rd to Parkwood Rd. A possible 104932.08 and certain 104000 Thirteen Mile CB - 104010. No 103887.39 Middle Range Trig, 101083.6 Ginninderra Ck Trav - Por 34, 100860.32 Ginninderra Ck Trav - Por 3, 100000 Gas Pipe covered by Mound - 100010 nor 96260 Parkwood Rd (in Por 3).

From Parkwood Rd to the river more joy. No 96000 Twelve Mile CB - 96010 as we crossed the back of the West Belconnen minor industrial area, but joy with 95150.93, 93904.42, 92999.15, possible 92000 Gas Pipe covered by Cairn - 92010, back to certain 91417.46, 90325.24, 89040.14, 88000 Eleven Mile CB - 88010 and possible 85296 Cut on bdy (Por 74 and Por 3) down by the river and the patiently waiting Gordon.

Clustered near the river bank, no joy with 84632.85, 84622.85 CB nor 84605.51 River traverse line E.

Here I thought it was all over bar the shouting. But there's nothing more challenging for a bloke with a morbid fear of water (I can't swim) and a pedantic desire to join up 2 walked tracks than to see the ACT Border Trek crossing the 'bidgee to where they started. So with GPS in buttoned pocket and following every move Karen made, I waded the river - much to my (upper shorts dry) amazement. (I now understand Rob H's story of his crossing - cross, put boots back on and have morning tea, only to discover that there are 2 more channels to cross). Wonderful!

I won't bore my purist bushwalking friends with the details of how I (swiftly) returned to my car.

Absolutely fantastic opportunity gratefully seized! Happy completion of the ACT border walk to Team SES - David, Lisa, Karen and Stephen.


Distance: 12.2km Climb: 170m. Time: 1.50 - 6.25pm (4hrs 35 mins), with 1hr 10mins of breaks (for me as I waited, not for the others who have done large distances Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and a slow and cautious crossing of the 'bidgee.

Grading: M/M; M(8)

Walk Participants

5 walkers - David, Karen, Lisa, Stephen, me.

Some Links

1. Map of the border covered to 20 Oct 13: www.johnevans.id.au/Pages/Border%20Markers.htm#Map

2. Photos of Percy Sheaffe's border markers found: www.johnevans.id.au/Pages/Border%20Markers%20-%20Sheaffe%20Line.html

3. Spreadsheet of border markers found (today's trip not yet added): www.johnevans.id.au/Pages/Data/ACT Border Markers.xls

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