13 June 2011 Border Marker Hunting on the Rail line E of Tuggers

Map: Tuggeranong 1:25000

Getting There

This walk was organised and led by me as a private walk:

Monday 13 June - Border Marker Hunting on the Rail line E of Tuggers - L/E,ptX; M(7). Wander along the rail line E of Tuggers looking for border markers, after quickly inserting downline from the old Tuggeranong Siding. Some nice 8" square posts in this area. Cover border markers A20 to Z22. The line is pretty level - might do Enchanted Hill. Around 22km and 200m climb. Map: Tuggeranong. Leader: John Evans - jevans@pcug.org.au, (h) 6288 7235. Transport: ~$5 per person.


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A successful ¾ day, finding 21 border markers. I also lost my glasses, but found them again on my nose.

We started from Corbett Place Gilmore and went through the underpass under the Monaro Highway. A pleasant wander along side the railway line, through the old Tuggeranong Siding and down to Z19, the last border marker found on 4 Jun 11.

From here, slower progress as we search for, photographed and recorded the border markers. We found A20. No B20, C20, D20 nor E20. F20, G20 and H20 revealed themselves. No I20, J20, K20, L20, M20 nor N20. O20 was in amongst the thistles. No P20 npr Q20. Found R20. No S20, T20 nor U20. V20 was standing proud of the ground with its Commonwealth broad arrow visible. No W20. X20 was lying on the ground, in poor condition. No Y20 nor Z20.

No A21. B21 was covered with wire netting. No C21, D21 nor E21. F21 was another wooden post.

Rocky Gully is quite a dip, with the rail line crossing a huge embankment over it. G21 et al were down in the gully. Although we slithered down, no hope of finding them, as either fresh filling had covered them or torrents washed them away. We clambered back up and had morning tea.

So no G21, H21, I21 nor J21. K21 boasted a fine broad arrow. No L21. M21 was a 1" galvanised iron pipe, sunk flush, cement filled with a nail in the top. What a thrill to share this type of border marker with my new companion! No N21. O21, P21, Q21 and R21 dutifully appeared. No S21, T21, U21, V21, W21, X21 nor Y21. Z21 was a lockspit.

A22 was a burnt out post. From here, views to the E side of the knoll E of Tuggeranong Hill, with masses of regreening plantings. No B22, C22, D22, E22 nor F22. G22 was a post. We were now W of Enchanted Hill, but no time nor permission to ascend it. No H22, I22 nor J22. K22 another burnt post. No L22, M22, N22, O22, P22 nor Q22. R22 the common burnt post in this area. No S22 nor T22. U22 a burnt post. By this time we were out of the gully country and very close to the Cooma Road. A dissapointing finish, with no V22, W22, X22, Y22 nor Z22.

We turned about, and followed the rail line back. A nice cutting W of Enchanted Hill. Lunch above Monks Gully.

Apart from being old and stupid with my glasses, I forgot that I had the 60 Mile, 61 Mile and 62 Mile locations with me. So I'll have to go back some time for them and do Enchanted Hill once I get permission to enter the private property.

Many thanks to my new border marker hunter apprentice for company and fine recording.

Distance: 19.2km Climb: 100m. Time: 7.50am - 2.05pm (6hrs 15mins), with 25mins of stops.
Grading: L/E,ptX; M(8)

KMZ file for Google Earth/Maps: Border Marker Hunting on the Rail line E of Tuggers

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