12 May 2012 Sentry Box from Yaouk Rd

Naas Creek to SH1727 from 200m NE of Sentry Box Rock

Map: Yaouk 1:25000

Getting There

This walk was organised and led by Peter W as a BBC walk:

Saturday 12 May - Sentry Box Rock and Mountain - M(11). Leader: Peter W. From the Yaouk Road near Bradleys Creek Homestead we go to the saddle NW of the rock, then climb to the rock, and walk across to the massif to the SE. We then return to the saddle, and SW to the road. A good spot on a fine day, and classic walk. All off-track, scrub light. Climb: 700m. Cars: 180km ($22). Map: Yaouk. Meet at K leaving at 8:30. *** .

9 of us met in Canberra and drove via the Boboyan Rd to Shannons Flat, where we met another 2. Then NW along the Yaouk Rd to GR 68307-33528 (MGA94) on the Yaouk map. We parked off the side of the road at the very invitingly open gate with track leading to the visible hut in the trees. Around one and a half hours.

Further Information

Have a look for the indigenous stone arrangement referred to on page 18 of Moth Hunters of the Australian Capital Territory by Josephine Flood:

"... and another on Sentry Box Hill. This is a single line of stones on sloping rock slabs below the spectacular rock pillar known as Sentry Box It commands a panoramic view as does the Namadgi site. Not only are the ACT ranges visible, but one can see Mt Jagungal (an Aboriginal name) and the highest peak of all, Mount Kosciusko."

Sentry Box from the last direction. Previously from the NW on 30 Aug 11; from the SE on 26 Apr 11; from the E on 28 Nov 06 and 3-4 Jul 04.


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Away at 10.05am, first along the main farm track, then onto another which crosses Bradleys Creek via a well made wooden bridge. A lovely day, with a big view up towards the Sentry Box area (Sentry Box Rock not visible from this side). The saddle appeared relatively low. Up through open forest, nice going. The area unburnt. Morning tea for 10mins at 11am.

Continued up towards the saddle and, when close enough, Peter bent away to the E towards the border. Armed with a couple of locations, I had a look at Z84 whilst the main party was paused, then A85. C85 and D85 were on our line, then we came out onto the granite below Sentry Box Rock. I thought the indigenous stone arrangement could be here, so wandered about a bit, but no joy. Found a rock formation that Barrie R had sent me a pic of.

Arrived at Sentry Box Rock and we settled on the usual E side in the sun and out of the breeze. Sentry Box Rock is at UTM 55H 671386-6034706 (MGA94), a little to the N of the map-marked position. Wonderful views. Whilst the others had lunch I wandered to some fine granite slabs to the NE of the Rock which Peter had pointed out. Huge views all about, particularly down into the Naas Creek valley. I returned to the lunch spot and then wandered around a bit in the other direction.

Regrouped, we all headed S-ish along the ridge, had a look at G85, sidled E, some of the party propped at the bottom of more granite slabs and the rest of us headed out to circumnavigate some un-scalable tors on SH1727. Plenty of dense, scrubby gullies between the open runs of granite slabs.

Returned and regrouped, then began to head for home, as it was 2.45pm before we were all together. We dropped off at the saddle between SH1696 and the regrouping point. Dense scrub and steep in places. Damper on the S facing flank and cold in the part already in afternoon shadow. So cold, in fact, that there was a light frost on the ground. The steepness eased around the 1500m contour, we were a little warmer back in the sun. Headed towards the obvious saddle E of the 1200m knoll, out through light timber and finally out of it all together. Wandered back to the cars.

A nice trip. Thanks very much Peter. And to Brian, David and Prue, Gillian, Ian, Judy, Mac and Diana, and Robert.

Distance: 12.5km Climb: 650m. Time: 10.05am - 5.00pm (call it 7hrs), with 40mins of stops.
Grading: M/R; M(11)

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