5 October 2013 Border Marker Hunting on the Clear Range


93 Mile marker and A34 border marker

Map: Colinton 1:25000

Walk Description

This walk was organised and led by me as a private walk:

Saturday 5 October: Border Marker Hunting on the Clear Range - H. Ride and stride. From the Mt Clear camp ground, ride the Naas Valley Fire Trail (wet crossings of Naas Creek) to Horse Gully Hut (8.5km taking about 50mins). Ride and push up Left Hand Creek Fire Trail (2.7km taking about 25mins). Drop bikes at the intersection with the Mt Clear FT and walk the 1.4km and 300m steep ascent of the Upper Left Hand Creek FT to the crest of the Clear Range (it takes 15mins to walk down, but I've never walked up it!). A 4km walk North along the border searching for border markers. Return via the Clear Range FT and Upper Left Hand Creek FT to the bikes and ride back. Around 34km and 1000m climb. Map: Colinton. Leader: John Evans - john@johnevans.id.au, 0417 436 877. Transport: drive yourself and bring your bike - I can only fit me and mine in my car.

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Track Notes

A successful day, but I must say I'm getting too old for this. On several occasions I told the air and the nearby kangaroos that I'm just a stupid old man.

Found 23 border markers, 3 Mile markers, 2 possible border markers (1 of which I'd visited before) and couldn't locate 3 border markers.

Riding by 7am, the day was overcast with high cloud (I was thankful for this later in the day). Wet feet as I carried my bike across the 2 fords of Naas Creek and 1 ford of a feeder stream. Including a walk into Demandering Hut, I arrived at Horse Gully Hut at just before 8am. 8.9km in 55mins. Had a poke around, then set off up Left Hand Creek FT. This leg involved a bit more walking/bike pushing than riding; 2.7km in 25mins to the junction of the Left Hand Creek FTs and the Mt Clear FT. Having previously walked down the Upper Left Hand Creek FT on 14 Feb 13, I knew there was no advantage nor possibility of riding up it, so I dumped my bike. A gasping stroll of 1.5km rising 275m in 30mins. So at just before 9am I could get to work.

I began with a poke about for B35 Gal. Iron Pipe by P.L.S. which I'd possibly identified before. Nothing more positive this time. Then a few tens of metres along the Mt Clear FT before heading bush. Found A35 Gal Iron Pipe by P.L.S.; 95 Mile Gal. Iron Pipe by Surveyor P.L. Sheaffe; Z34 Gal. iron pipe; and Y34 Iron Bolt. Nice views to the W from near here. I spent a good 6 minutes searching for X34 Gal. iron pipe, but no joy.

I was beginning to realise that my new GPS wasn't homing well. I turned off the GLONASS satellites and checked the GPS accuracy - it was around 10-15m. What I found was that on initial homing at a border marker location, I needed to look about 10m to the NNE to find the marker. By the time I'd photographed the marker and ticked it off my list, the GPS was settling to within ~5m. Anyway, once I realised what was happening, I adjusted my technique.

Continuing N through wattle scrub, I located W34 Gal. iron pipe; V34 Gal. iron pipe; U34 Gal. iron pipe; and T34 Gal. iron pipe. It was 10am and I was starting to get some cramps, so a quick morning tea was in order.

Pressing on, S34 Gal. iron pipe; and R34 Gal. iron pipe were located. No Q34 Gal. iron pipe; or P34 Gal. iron pipe, as they were on the fire trail, but nice views to the Tinderrys.

A good run for the rest of the border, picking up O34 Gal. iron pipe; N34 Gal. iron pipe; 94 Mile Gal. iron pipe (MH says should still be there) - thanks Matthew, took a bit of searching, but the GIP gave it away; M34 Gal. iron pipe; L34 Gal. iron pipe; K34 Gal. iron pipe; J34 Gal. iron pipe; I34 Gal. iron pipe (I found this border cairn/lockspit laid open); H34 Gal. iron pipe; G34 Gal. iron pipe; F34 Gal. iron pipe; E34 Gal. iron pipe; D34 Gal. iron pipe; C34 Gal. iron pipe; possibly B34 Gal. iron pipe; A34 Gal. iron pipe; and 93 Mile Gal. iron pipe.

It took from 9am till 12.05pm to do this bit of border. I called home, tweeted a photo, then strolled a little way NW along the fire trail, just to ensure that my border track map has no discontinuities.

So at 12.20pm I did the U-turn. A lot more bike pushing and cramps on the way home. A delightful nearby display of lyrebird calling coming down the Upper Left Hand Creek FT. Wet feet 3 more times. Met a party of 4 going for a little wander about 1km from the car.

What better than a light beer on Val Jeffrey's Tharwa General Store verandah on the way home.

So if you're into border markers, you'll find a complete record of the ones I've covered here, including a map of the bits I've walked.


Distance: 34.6km Climb: 1250m. Time: 7.00am - 3.15pm (8hrs 15 mins), with 20mins of breaks and lots of border marker hunting.

Grading: H

Walk Participant

1 walker - me.

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